A NFT Experience

MyCryptoLook is a way of looking at the world through exclusive NFTs created ONE by ONE.

Every LOOK is transformed into a unique image that reflects a life experience, a feeling, a concept.

Have a good time! And interpret with your own eyes what each NFT is saying.


MyFirstLook represents the awakening journey of the LOOK from its birth to the discovery of the world and its experiences.

In MyFirstLook the artist presents 1111 unique, exclusive and created ONE by ONE NFTs.

The Journey
#0001 to #0011 – 1.1 THE ORIGIN
“the birth of the gaze”
#0012 to #0111 – 1.2 COLORS
“discovering colors”
#0112 to #0222 – 1.3 INSIDE WORLD
“emotions and feelings”
#0223 to #0333 – 1.4 OUTSIDE WORLD
“communicating with the outside world”
#0334 to #0444 – 1.5 PASSION
“dreams, desires, passions and vices”
#0445 to #0555 – 1.6 FOOD
#0556 to #0666 – 1.7 FUN
#0667 to #0777 – 1.8 MATERIAL
“material values”
#0778 to #0888 – 1.9 ETHEREAL/SPIRITUAL
“intangible values”
#0889 to #0999 – 1.10 OTHER BEINGS
“the world beyond me”
#1000 to #1111 – 1.11 NEW MATRIX METAVERSE
“the old and new matrix”

The Journey


Purpose of this Project

Financial goals of this project:

Part of the income from this project will be donated to the mental health of children, young people and adults in Brazil, through a partnership with the Espaço Equilíbrio Humano clinic.

As soon as we start the work, the results will be published on this website and in our profiles on social networks.
For more information or if you want to be an Angel of this project, buy our NFTs in Opeansea or contact us via Twitter or email: [email protected]


Márcia Nishi “the mature look”

She has been an empath since she was a child and realized that there was a symbolic communication in everything… everything came through a package of coded information that turned into a feeling that communicated beyond words.

She started to study everything related to the human being, Psychology, Communication, Law, Religions, Arts.

Today, her look at things in the world links ideas and concepts that can be expressed through symbols in a single image.

Her work on the unique NFTs created exclusively for MyCryptoLook transform everything she sees into an image that reflects a life experience, a feeling, a concept.

Lucca Nishi “the young look”

He is awakening and growing each day from his own experiences.

He was and continues to be the biggest inspiration for this work.

A journeymate since his birth, he has awaked up many of the feelings expressed in the NFTs.

Today, he also contributes to this work by bringing the technological innovations that the “old look” needs to continues her journey.

Lígia Adele “the partner look”

Since she was a child she took care of everyone around her, she became a Standard Nurse in the various Hospitals in Brazil…

With experience in direct care with patients, she realized that the care that people needed went beyond physical care, physical healing was much faster and more effective when there was emotional support and healing of the soul.

She graduated again in Psychotherapy and works in the mental health care of children, young people and adults in her clinic Espaço Equilíbrio Humano.

Today, her vision of health is integrative, with the aim of healing from the interior of the essence of the human being to the physical and material health of the Being.

A partner of this project she will provide free assistance to people that need of the treatment with financial of the income of the NFTs.

The Face Behind The LOOK

Want to know who I am?
I am someone in constant rediscovery of myself.
I’ve been a Dancer, Publicist in the offline world, CEO in Digital Marketing, Psychotherapist, Tarot reader, I’m still a little bit of all that and eternally Mother and Apprentice.
Life’s journey has taught me a lot through Love and Pain… and I’ve learned as much from one as the other.
Here, I start once again a new journey and my Phoenix side appears again, leaving behind everything I’ve ever done for a new life…
The new mission is to show what I learned in this world through my Art, my Thoughts, my Loves and Disappointments, the new mission is Freedom!
Life is a great paradox and the more complex we perceive it, the simpler it also becomes.
Fall and Get up, Win and Lose, Have or Be… everything, absolutely everything depends on us!
When we transform our world, we transform the world around us!
And I can! You can!
Let’s change the world!

If you want to know more about this history, call on my channels…

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